The quality of connection between sisters is essential to the beauty of each other’s individual natures. We acknowledge and provide the substance that transforms each of us. Our sacred union, it's purpose is to help us both, discover and realize our deepest potentials.

Strong women lift each other up!

Inspiring words of Hope


A strong woman knows what it feels like to grow close to someone and then let go of them. At first, the feeling of losing someone you love is devastating. You think, “How will I ever go on without this person in my life?” A strong woman finds a way, however, to move forward. She understands that life still goes on, even after that lover or friend is no longer a part of her life. A strong woman learns how to let another person go, and it becomes easier each time due to the independence and courage she has built up over the years.


A strong woman isn’t afraid of doing what she thinks is best at the time. She will move away to another city in the midst of war and start a new life for herself. She will not worry about what lies ahead, because she is a risk-taker. A strong woman is so self-assured that she knows the risk is worth taking, and that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to in the end.


A strong woman knows her body well. She understands that exercise will make her stronger. She breathes, she stretches, and she eats well, all because she knows that it’s good for her health and longevity in the end.


A strong woman is familiar with people coming and going. She is happy when she’s surrounded by people, yet remains comfortable when she finds herself alone in her room at night. At first, she is sad, yet she knows that solitude is only temporary.


A strong woman has entered a crowded room without knowing a single soul and been able to walk around like she owns the place. A strong woman realizes the importance of putting yourself out there in a new city, new country, new job, new relationship, etc. A strong woman will come out with new friends and experiences that will last a lifetime.


A strong woman always dreams big. She wants to make something of herself and be the best she can possibly be. She wants to accomplish many things and manages to do so, little by little. She doesn’t tell herself “no,” or that “it’s not possible.” A strong woman believes in herself and strives to achieve her goals. A strong woman knows no limits.


A Strong Women stands in her power, with a calm mind and leading hand. A Strong Women leans into adversity to reach her full potential, resourcefully seeking the support to succeed. A Strong Women wears her pride on the sleeve of humble beginnings and endless learning’