April Taylor

She stretch's out her hand to the poor; yea, she reach's forth her hands to the needy. 
Proverbs 31:20 

I have faced many struggles to find happiness throughout my life. After battling depression I learned to retrain my mind with positive mindsets , and making myself aware of the practices that allowed me to make change.

Having the physical energy, as well as the virtue to use those practices to better myself as a woman. 

My life experiences bring a unique and valuable perspective to my work as a coach/empath/educator, helping other women  overcome their own mental health and wellbeing challenges has been a great pathway for my own life.

With the support and guidance of my people, my family, friends , I have worked hard to achieve recognition of positive mindsets and to share my message of wellbeing and empowerment with women who need it.  The trust of my husband, my children, and my Godly upbringing is reference to the abundant life that I lead.  Providing for others, in ways that I have come to know, being without food, without support, these needs have been fulfilled by many.  

These are the reasons to be The Virtuous Women who can find her worth, far above rubies..

Based on my own cultural value's and principles, I want to provide access to a program that can be implemented into the community, specifically for those of diverse culture. My vision is to provide a "paradise" of learning, so no matter where in the world where we are, we can reach women who need support.

Serving others

Being of service to others is a lifetime experience that I've been fortunate to be blessed with. I believe this blessing is the purpose and the passion behind co-founding EPG. A recent study found that a gap in the community for women with cultural barriers to deal with mental illness was evident. As an advocacy service EPG is a database for those women who require support of services that address those barriers.