Strong women just have a certain vibe about them, and emanate confidence and assertiveness wherever they go. Most women could probably agree that they enjoy being independent, self-assured, and mentally and physically strong, but getting to that point can seem challenging. Despite gender roles and social conventions, women have risen above the expectations of others and have made great progress in showing the world the beauty and strength of femininity.

Our Vision:

to take active steps to empower women 


$50 hour (60min)

Suitable for those wanting to gain a greater sense of inner peace and gain a better understanding of themselves and who they are.


$300 (Weekend Session)

Intensive personal workshop sessions to explore your strengths and values, uncover your limiting beliefs and methods of self sabotage.


$400 (12 Week Session)

Deep dive session on finding your purpose, living in alignment with your values, identifying valuable relationships. Redefining balance in your life.

To be healthy as a whole, mental wellness plays a role